STONE COBRA Cannabis Flowers 23% CBD for aromatic use (1gr)


Cannabis Flower STONE COBRA!  Cannabis Sativa Product!

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The STONE COBRA cannabis flowers by Legendary Kannabis, inspired by the eponymous deadly African snake whose venom can instantly kill even an elephant, are a California-derived variety. They come from the intersection of Granddaddy Purple and Domina executives, who are famous for their very strong brain and physical results, giving moments of deep relaxation, euphoria, peace and tranquility. They come from a high quality Sativa L inflorescence, rich in CBD (23%), grown in Italy, under the strict control of specialists, with respect for nature and the consumer, without the addition of preservatives or pesticides, while the collection is traditionally done with the hand. They are characterized by dense dark flowers, due to the high levels of anthocyanin pigment, which during the growing season produce purple hues in a process similar to the autumn foliage change. Unique flavors of sweet and sour grapes and berries are mixed with rich notes of pine aromas. Its flowers are compact, rich in resins, terpenes and cannabidiol, while their color is dark purple, with shiny crystals. Cannabidiol is the therapeutic ingredient in cannabis, which interacts with receptors in the body’s cells to protect the central nervous and immune systems, with highly therapeutic properties against musculoskeletal and psychosomatic diseases. Similarly, terpenes give cannabis flavor and taste while at the same time acting on receptors and neurotransmitters, just like antidepressants, increasing the effectiveness of dopamine in the human body.