AK47 Cannabis Flowers 60% CBD for aromatic use (2gr)


Cannabis Flower AK47!  Cannabis Sativa Product!

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Originally a hybrid of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan cannabis, the AK47 is a classic variety now. This sativa is primarily known and loved by many for its powerful effect and good crops.The many awards he has received in so many years are testament to that. Now this robust variety is being upgraded to an automatic version, we have crossed the Saltiva L with the classic AK47 with our most powerful automatic genetics. Just like the original, this automatic hybrid produces tiger poppies in the resin with a somewhat spicy but sweet taste. The aroma looks like sweet incense.The result that AK 47 offers, is happy and energetic, giving a good balance between brain and body massage. Sturdy and soft like the original. The only difference in substance is that the AK 47 is easier to grow and can be cut in 9 to 10 weeks after vegetation. It will grow to a maximum height of 80 cm by 1 meter, thus allowing the AK 47 to be cultivated almost everywhere. . This robust automatic variety will give good yields in the right conditions, producing up to 160 g / plant. Like all our varieties, the seeds of the AK 47 are feminized, making cultivation even easier.



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