Diesel Weed Cannabis Flowers 60% CBD for aromatic use (2gr)


Cannabis Flower Diesel Weed! Cannabis Sativa Product!

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Sour Diesel’s energy and pleasant highs make it a favorite in the United States. It has created popular and delicious varieties like Sour Tsunami and Sour Jack and inspired executives such as NYC Diesel, who mimic its unique taste.The Dynamic Diesel, sometimes abbreviated as Dynamic D, is an extremely popular staple, named after its spicy, diesel aroma. It mainly has a cerebral high with less physical relaxation, making it popular for both recreational and medical users.This is a powerful strain.This strain appeared in the early 1990s and is believed to have come from the intersection of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Dynamic Diesel has round, mid-sized pops with leaves that look yellowish green. The buds have an exaggerated smell that, as the name of this strain is, is very similar to gasoline.The scent also has some orange notes.



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