Blue Gorilla Cannabis Flowers 40% CBD for aromatic use (2gr)


Cannabis Flower Blue Gorilla! Cannabis Sativa Product!

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Gorilla is a dominant hybrid derived from the cross of Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sister and Sour Dubb. The cross is said to have happened quite by accident when a Sour Dubb female was accidentally pollinated by a male Chem Sister. In terms of appearance, it looks exactly like a hybrid: a medium / large structure with a medium size inside and light green leaves. But don’t let his appearance fool you. Although our eyes do not perceive it.Gorilla has a heavy crop. Its biggest advantage is the measurement of its resin: it produces many huge sticky hairs, hence the name Gorilla Glue. We cannot fail to mention the ball-shaped buds, too dense, heavy, smelly and full of resin that they are capable of producing, which are actually covered in a striking white color when fully matured. Apart from a clear example of extreme quality, the resulting harvest has a stunningly attractive appearance, with many beautiful, tight and light green hairs.Gorilla presents very sophisticated but very intense flavors and aromas. Coming from a Diesel and a Chem, a powerful fuely aroma with intense earthy notes is evident in it. Similar to a Sour Diesel, but with more sour shades. This plant is also known for its high number of terpenes it produces, mainly caryophyllene and butylene terpenes. Gorilla produces an extremely strong high, which is not surprising because of its 22% cannabidiol (CBD) content, it is suitable for those who are used to dealing with strong hemp.



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